Monday, September 12, 2005


Bright Spot Boy

Yesterday, I did have a handsome actor boy come into the store and chat me up for quite a while. After he left I looked him up on the internet. He's probably not someone people would recognize, though I'm still not going to drop his name. He does, however, make a full-time living acting, which is more than 99 percent of the actors in this town can say. Like I said, he talked to me for quite a long time. I casually mentioned that I was gay, and he casually mentioned that he was straight. (But that's O.K.!) I'm actually more interested in meeting friends than I am in meeting someone to date.

Of course, I couldn't have left things off gracefully and with a little class. I couldn't have had a little hope & faith that, if he enjoyed our conversation, he might come in some other weekend to see me again, and things could progress naturally (which is just as important in potential friendships as it is in potential dates). I had to call my own bluff, show my pathetic cards and cram my phone number into his hand. I must have reeked of desperation! I swear...If you ever see me walking down the street, don't smile at me, or I'll try to give you my fucking phone number! If actor boy ever calls me, I'll kiss a walrus.

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